Inspiration for New Year

Hi guys its Ibisek here!
How are you doing at the beginning of this New Year? Do you already have new plans, new ideas, new TO-DO lists for 2016? I do have some points on my list and I really can’t wait to fulfill them 🙂
Some of them are tough, some of them are my dreams but I’m the only one to make them become true. Yeap! I’m fully motivated and full of power for new beginnings. And this way my today’s LO also is. Bright, motivating, sparking. I’ve used some cut files from old collections, stickers, labels, printables. I just laid the things out on the table and everything fit together. Then I attached everything to the base paper and it’s just great. I can’t stop looking at it 😉
So SMILE, SHINE and SPARKLE – this is my guidance for 2016. What’s yours?


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